Second shipment for returns

It happens again and again that shipments cannot be delivered and then end up with us as a return shipment. We then photograph this shipment and then send the information to the customer to check why it was returned.


Reasons for return are:

- Recipient not found and not picked up after notification.

- Address cannot be determined or is incomplete

- The recipient is on vacation and was unable to collect the shipment from the post office in time.

- Acceptance refused

Our shipments are usually sent with a tracking number and delivered against a signature. Any household member or authorized recipient can sign.

Again and again we hear that the shipment came back even though no notification was thrown in. Unfortunately, we cannot influence this and the only thing that helps is to monitor the status of the shipment via tracking every now and then. If it cannot be delivered, you will find this information here and you can then take care of the whereabouts of the shipment if it happens on time. As a rule, the post office holds the shipment for 14 days before it is sent back to us.


What to do with returns

Due to the high shipping costs, it is unfortunately no longer possible for us to send the shipment again for free. Our shipping costs amount to approx. 4 euros and depending on the weight even more. So that it is not just a cost for the buyer, we will add a patch of your choice free of charge when you send it again. So I think it's fair for both sides.



- You put the article - second shipment in your shopping cart.  go to Article
- Now complete the order process as normal, enter the shipping and address and pay.
- Under "Comment", enter the patch that you would like to have for free.
But please check beforehand that this is also in stock. We want to send the shipment as soon as possible, so the desired patch should be in stock!

We will then send the shipment again immediately after receipt of payment. You will receive an email with a tracking number as normal.

You can of course order more in this order if you want.
The "free" patch should have a value of 4 euros.
But do you want a "free" patch for e.g. 5.50 euros in this shipment, then simply put the article "second shipment" 4x in the shopping cart ... so that the total amount including shipping costs corresponds to your value of the patch.

I hope this is understandable and fair for you guys.
Returns are annoying for you and us, but unfortunately sometimes unavoidable.